The Northsea Story

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The Northsea story is of course not just the story of people named NorthseaPhotograph of a good looking couple.,but of many other names as well. Genealogy is like that. The more generations you add the more names you have. This site begins with George Northsea and Elizabeth Kennedy Northsea. If they were alive today they would have three children, eight grandchildren, and to date sixteen great- grandchildren living across the United States.

Each of the children had spouses (sometimes more than one) and all but two of the grandchildren also have or have had spouses. We will explore on this site only the ancestors of this large group of people. The living can be seen in the picture section, but life data is withheld to respect their privacy.


The contents of this site will include ancestoral trees of the various surnames in the family, anecdotal family history and stories of certain key events, as well as a multitude of pictures from over the years.

I have been researching these family trees for over 35 years. Some may not have primary source information, but were deduced from the most available information at the time. If you have any new information or corrections, please email me at the address at the bottom of this page.

Family Genealogies

Family genealogies will start with the first person and list his/her ancestors back as far as I have researched. They have been created from my files using the Oxy-gen GEDCOM Converter © 2001-2007. They will contain names, statistics, sources, family tree, dates and places of events such as birth and death, maps, and chronologies. To get back to this page click the Northsea Family Home link under the title of the main page of the family genealogy.


The stories will be in PDF format and often include pictures. You will need Adobe Reader® software which is available by clicking here.

Once you have read the stories you will need to press the BACK button or arrow on your browser in order to return to this page.

The stories have been written by me using a wide variety of sources and family anecdotes. As we research our history we often find that some of the stories told by our ancestors were not actually 100% reliable. There is little doubt in my mind that there may be future corrections to the versions found on this web site. Again if you have more up to date information, please email me at the address at the bottom of the page.


Photograph of a tombstone.The images used on this site come from a variety of albums and sources which have found their way into my hands as the family genealogist. I wish I were able to give credit to all the amateur photographers who have contributed these valuable icons of our family's history, but they are so many and many are not identified. But for each and every person who is not in a picture because they were taking it, I am eternally grateful.

General Information

The information on this site is as accurate as I could make it. Please feel free to send additions and corrections to me at the email address at the bottom of this page. The site is always under construction and really has just begun, so visit often to see the updates.